Here’s a list of what I use. While I don’t consider myself a “gear/tech head”, I do enjoy the “check out this toy” aspect.


Sopranino Saxophone
Yanagisawa 981

Soprano Saxophone
Yamaha YSS-62

Alto Saxophone
Yamaha YAS-62 (Purple logo)
Meyer Mouthpiece
Rico Jazz Select Filed 3S/3M Reeds

Tenor Saxophone
1961 Selmer Mark VI
Florida Otto Link Mouthpiece
Rico Jazz Select Filed 3M Reeds

Baritone Saxophone
1973 12M Conn Low A
2001 Yanagisawa 901
RPC Mouthpiece
Rico Reeds



Bb Clarinet
Buffet Festival
Vandoren V12 3.5 Reeds

Bass Clarinet
Buffet Prestige 1193 (Low C)
Vandoren Traditional 3 Reeds


Yamaha YPC-62

Yamaha YFL-481

Alto Flute

Double Reeds

Buffet 4051
Reeds… a lot of patience

Fox Renard Artist 220
Légère Medium


Electronic Wind Instrument
Yamaha WX-5




Usually the case that comes with the horn is good enough to protect the horn. At least for the professional model horns. However, these do wear down over time and will at some point need replacing. So, some recommended cases:

Walt Johnson Cases

Note: You want the case that has the label “Corona, CA” under the Walt Johnson name on the tag. The cases that have “San Diego, CA” seem to be of lesser quality. Having compared the two, the former was of better built with stronger materials.

Wiseman Cases

These are great. The bass clarinet case, Model B, will hold a low c bass clarinet along with 2 soprano clarinets (or 1 soprano clarinet and 1 flute). Tons of room, extremely sturdy, and as famed woodwind repair tech David Saul says, “They’re just sexy!”